Education & Government

Education & Government

Buyquest understands the importance of the Education and Government sectors in the projection and lighting business. Therefore, if you’re in either of these industries, we have a dedicated team that specializes in handling your account. This team is also equipped with special discount and marketing programs specific to your business needs.

All Government and Education customers of Buyquest are eligible for enhanced service from a dedicated Account Manager. This means you will have an experienced personal contact to help you with all of your organization’s A/V equipment needs. Your Account Manager is also supported by a dedicated Service team, allowing you timely responses to your inquiries, product or billing questions, and order or return status. This team is also prepared to provide you with quotes, on small or large orders, for any and all projection equipment, whether you find it on our site or not. We can send you additional product information and link you to industry experts for advice and recommendations.

While our products are already priced at the slimmest possible margins, we are able to pass on additional volumetric discounts that are given to us from our manufacturers and suppliers. Please refer to our volumetric discount rates below. Buyquest holds a GSA contract for projector equipment. So if you are a GSA Advantage member, you automatically qualify for a 1% discount with free Ground shipping.

We also offer Purchase Orders with 30 day terms on approved accounts. To determine your organization's eligibility, please create an account on this website, and complete the Payment Terms Application located here. Once the form is submitted, an agreement will be emailed to you for electronic signature. The information provided will be held in confidence, confirmed and verified. You will then be notified of your approval status and credit limit, allowing you to make purchases on PO once approved.

On top of all of these additional services we offer our Education & Government customers, product quality is our most important. We source from only the most reputable suppliers and top manufacturers in the industry. The products we sell meet the highest quality assurance measures and carry the best manufacturer’s warranty available in the industry. While our price may not necessarily be the absolute lowest you find on the Internet, you can be confident that what you will receive is the highest quality equipment available anywhere.

For more information, please contact our Education & Government Sales Team at (866) 952-3334 or for more information.

Volumetric Discounts

Quantity of 10 - 14 = 3% discount on the subtotal

Quantity of 15 – 19 = 4% discount on the subtotal

Quantity of 20 - 24 = 5% discount on the subtotal

Quantity of 25 or more = 7% discount on the subtotal